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About The Application

     Maharashtra has been in the forefront in implementing e-Governance initiatives/projects in the country; the state has widely implemented several successful projects under its ambit. In line with the state’s progress, Public Health Department has also been a forerunner in terms of e-Governance projects. In fact, PHD is one of the leading virtually connected departments in Maharashtra. The department with its wide array of e-Governance initiatives has introduced efficient new ways of delivering services, internal to the organization as well as for the citizens. The department has effectively laid the fundamentals of the information society – spurring the delivery of all kinds of e-practices and e-services.
     Public Health Department under its array of e-Governance services is coming up with a new application named ‘Medical Reimbursement Management System’. This application is being made with an aim to have more transparency towards the medical reimbursements facility which is provided to the permanent government employees across the state. It has been noticed employees have been taking advantage by taking the reimbursement amount for their non-dependents at times and few crossed the threshold limit. So, to make things streamlined a need arose to have an application in place which will do all the math for the state government employees. It will be useful for the department for various analysis including, no. of patient requested for reimbursement and for what type of diseases, which part of state are not complying with the timelines specified for submitting the bills/reimbursements etc.
     This application is being developed by Nelito as Software Developer team and KPMG as Management team.
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